Neighbourhood Plan


The Eton & Eton Wick Steering Group are pleased to present the latest iteration of the draft Eton and Eton Wick Neighbourhood Plan for Regulation 14 Consultation.

As always, we welcome your views and inputs. We have taken on board the comments from the regulation 14 consultation, working with our consultants, AECOM, to be sure that we are following the correct process.

Please send any final points to the Town Clerk, Derek and Ros by end of 6 January 2017.

We would welcome your views on the updated chapter 7 and appendices which include greater detail than the previous consultation version of the plan. In particular, AEOM have updated the views appendices which would benefit from your local knowledge on significant buildings included within the proposed views (over and above the obvious landmarks).

Following this, the submission will be made to the qualifying body, as we continue to progress towards the final stages of the Neighbourhood Plan process.

You can download the latest plan here

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